Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

The focus of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy is on the origin of discomfort rather than merely on the relief of symptoms. It is not a quick fix directional approach, but rather focused on a gentle exploration of the subconscious mind.

Psychoanalytic or Psychodynamic therapies are also focused on honesty with the self. The more honest we are, the better we understand our own motives and subconscious themes, the better our chances for living a satisfying and useful life.

As Roughton described it so eloquently "As in all psychoanalytic evaluation, it is the underlying psychic structure and the motivation and meaning, not the superficial similarity of behaviour, that counts".

The psychoanalytic client "Seeks the Socratic goal of the examined life, both of learning to know himself or herself......and to grow as a moral agent who lives his or her life responsibly rather than impulsively" (Lothane 2002).