Psychometric Assessments

Psychometric assessments are the utilisation of scientifically standardised procedures and tools (tests) for the gathering of supplementary information about a person or a group in order to increase the validity and reliability of predictions about individual or group:

  • Needs and Wants,
  • Behaviour,
  • Risk and 
  • Potential.
Typical tests administered are:
  • Ability: Intelligence Tests, Aptitude Tests and Developmental Tests
  • Mood and Affect:  Depression and Anxiety Scales
  • Behaviour:  Projective Tests, Depression and Anxiety Scales
  • Executive Function:  Higher Cognitive Function, Reasoning 
  • Memory:  Memory Tests 
  • Neuropsychology:  Cognitive Ability 
  • Personality:  Personality Inventories, Projective Tests 
  • Vocational:  Interest Inventories, Personality Inventories, Intelligence Tests, Aptitude Tests                   
  • These tests are typically administered within the following settings: Corrections, Counselling, Early Childhood, Forensics, Geriatrics, Health Psychology, Neuropsychology, Public Safety etc.