Welcome to Psychodynamic Solutions with Johan Schoeman as your Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist.

Our Role

Our role is simply to put you back in control of your life.  We obtain this through providing a safe, confidential, respectful and non-judgemental environment in which the unique aspects of your problems can be explored against a backdrop of evidence-based scientific theory. 

Your Obligations

Turn up for sessions.  This is your commitment to yourself and the process of change and healing.

There are no quick-fix solutions to be found and therapy can be a challenging process.  As many of your longstanding and subconscious themes and fears  might be transferred onto the therapeutic relationship, it is important to be aware of these processes and its influence on this relationship and experience.  Please consider discussing any of these feelings during your sessions with Johan as this will be pivotal in the process of change and healing.

Privacy and Confidentiality 

Privacy and confidentiality is non-negotiable in this practice.  All your information including your referral, correspondence, notes and other information is stored in electronic format in secure folders to which only Johan has access.  He personally scans all the documentation and the originals are shredded.  The active folder is kept on an external hard drive which Johan keeps with him at all times.  A back-up copy is kept in a safe off site.  You are welcome to request a copy of your file should you need to.

Keeping notes of sessions is mandatory in clinical practice.  As written notes can never provide proper context to the complexity of sessions and often distracts both therapist and the client from the flow of verbal and non-verbal communication during a session, Johan has decided to record sessions.  These recordings are personally transferred by Johan into your secure folder after each session and are also encrypted by sophisticated encryption software.  Recordings will never be released.  In the rare occasion of a request for the production of notes by Court, etc., notes will be generated from the recordings and if at all possible, be discussed with you prior to their release.

Your records will be kept for five years post your last session and then erased.

In the event of Johan not being able to continue his practice through death or illness, a comprehensive and secure contingency plan has been developed in order to deal with your confidential information.



This is fundamentally a Bulk Billing practice.  As a Medicare member you are entitled to 10 sessions per calendar year.  You will however need a referral from your GP.  Your GP will also have to review the process after 6 sessions for the approval of another 4 sessions.  An email or letter will be sent to you as a reminder once you have reached your first 6 sessions.  Please let us know should you not want to receive these reminder emails or letters.

A brief letter will also be sent to the referring GP with a general outline of your progress and a recommendation regarding the last four available sessions under Medicare.  A final letter will also be sent after completion of the ten sessions.  These letters are mandatory under Medicare rules.

The Medicare claims are electronically submitted by our office in Rockhampton which keeps a record of all the account files and appointments from the different locations.  Only Johan and the Practice Manager, Sue, has access to the records.  Please note that this is your account information only and does not contain any clinical information about sessions.  You do not have to sign after each session as these records are regularly audited by Medicare.  You are welcome to obtain a full copy of the submitted claims for your record and/or tax purposes.  Please ask Johan or call Sue for copies of the documentation.

Once your Medicare funded sessions have been used you can then access your Private Health Fund rebates.  Check with your health fund provider as they all differ.  Sessions past the Medicare covered sessions are privately billed at $125 per hour and can be paid for in cash on the day of the session.  A receipt will be sent to you by the general office.  Please let us know should you not have received your receipt.

Medico-legal Assessments:

The practice accept briefs from public bodies such as The Legal Aid Commission and Department of Public Prosecutions. Reports and fees are charged according to the set fees for these bodies.

Preparation of reports for private clients are charged according to the complexity and time required to conduct the assessment. This is discussed prior to commencement of the work and a written statement of the agreed costs will be forwarded. 


A text reminder of your session two days prior to the actual date of the session will be sent.  Please let us know should you prefer not to receive these reminders.

Please feel free to contact us on the numbers provided on the Contact Details page on this website or email Johan at

For any additional information please feel free to discuss your questions or concerns with Johan or Sue.